Redmarley C of E Primary Academy, Redmarley, Gloucestershire. GL19 3HS

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Redmarley Church Of England Primary School

Respect. Persevere. Achieve.

Our School Day

For some children our school day begins at 7.45 when they arrive at our Breakfast Club.  

 Doors open at 8:50am, we go straight into our classes, ready to begin school at 9:00am

Then it’s registration, and straight into lessons!

Class 1

It’s Pre-school and Reception in this class. Find out more about our Class by clicking here.

Class 2

It’s Year 1 and Year 2 in this class. Find out more about our Class by clicking here.


Class 3

It’s Year 3 and Year 4 in this class. Find out more about our Class by clicking here.


Class 4

 It's Year 5 and Year 6 in this class.  Find out more about our Class by clicking here.

School Worship
Daily worship happens every day and is led by teachers, our worship leaders, our local vicar, Rev Kat and our Community Family Worker, Owen, as well as visitors.  We welcome parents to join us in our sharing assemblies throughout the year, including special festivals and at the end of term.  Parents also join us for our Friday Worship where we celebrate the achievements of our children every week. 

We are a Church or England school and we provide a Christian foundation for our pupils.  As a result, Christian values and principles play a large part of Worship in our school. A member of the Church Ministry Team takes the worship regularly following our termly value.  This value is then  reinforced in class and in school .

The diocesan guidelines for Religious Education are followed with the Christian religion forming the main part of our RE studies. Other religions are also studied as part of the curriculum to enable the pupils to understand as many different religious views as possible. We also celebrate festivals such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter at St Bartholomew’s church in the village.


Break Time
We have a 15 minute morning break when we have fun in our playground and field. We  have play leaders who organise fun games & play equipment for us all. 
All infant (R,Y1,& Y2) pupils receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable through the nutritional fruit and vegetable scheme. Junior pupils can also join the scheme at a nominal cost. All pupils are encouraged to bring healthy snacks.
School Milk
Milk is also available to all pupils and is free for those in in reception until their 5th birthday. Milk can be ordered through the Cool Milk scheme.
Budding musicians

Children are encouraged from Year 2 to play a variety of instruments, such as flute, clarinet, piano and guitar. These lessons are taught by external music teachers, paid for by parents. We feel that the teaching of music develops pupils ability to listen and appreciate a wide variety of music. Some of these lessons are provided by GAM (Gloucester Academy of Music), others by private tutors.

The whole school comes together for an hour at lunch time, our children socialise with others of all ages as they eat their lunch, with the older children helping the younger ones.  
School Dinners
Our meals are cooked on site by local provider, Cater Cater. Children have a choice of 2 healthy hot meals for £2.30 per day. All children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are entitled to receive these meals free of charge. Children who’s parents are in receipt of income report can also receive free school meals in any year group.  Click here for our current menu choices. 
Packed Lunches
Children may bring a packed lunch if they prefer. All children eat their lunch, hot or cold in the school hall.
Our own swimming pool

We are lucky to have our own outdoor heated swimming pool. In the summer term 2 every child swims every day for half an hour. We have a swimming pool committee who raise funds towards the running of the pool and ensure it is always ready for action.


We have excellent facilities for sport, a large playing field and playground, as well as gymnastic equipment in the school hall. Children are taught sport and exercise as a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Qualified sports coaches often work with all classes. We take part in many local sporting events, such as cross country running, tag rugby, swimming gala and multi sports.

Class 1 finish  at 3:10pm, classes 2,3 and 4 at 3:15pm. The end of the day, or is it?

After School 

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Children are welcome to attend a number of after school clubs run at the school by staff, sports coaches,  parents and community volunteers.  These are from the end of the school day until 4pm.  These change every term and children can choose which clubs they would like to attend at the beginning of the term.

After Three Club

 For those children who need additional time in school we have provision after school which is paid for at £7.00 a session.  This is available until 4.45pm.  Click here for further information.