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Redmarley Church Of England Primary School

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 Early Years Foundation Stage 

At Redmarley Primary Academy we have an EYFS class that has children in Pre-school and Reception.



At Redmarley Primary Academy we aim to give a well-rounded education in EYFS that will set children up with the skills needed to ensure the best possible outcomes throughout their education. We also believe that early childhood is an imperative part of a child’s education. It is crucial to develop firm foundations that are built upon throughout the children’s school journey and beyond. At RPA we follow the EYFS framework. The EYFS has seven main areas of learning but has a strong emphasis on Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. We are fully committed to providing an engaging and enriching curriculum that promotes independence and exploration. We recognise that all children are unique and therefore, we aim to create a child centred curriculum following the children’s interests and fascinations.


Our priority is that our provision provides high levels of engagement and active learning through a range of activities and many opportunities to play. This, our EYFS policy and the EYFS framework are implemented through a highly organised, stimulating environment. However, each year creates its own exclusive mixture of whole class, guided, adult directed play and child-initiated play activities dependant on the nature and needs of the class of individuals. Play is integral to our vision and the children are able to organise their play by demonstrating the Characteristics of Effective learning and skills that are taught throughout their EYFS journey. We ensure that children are surrounded by a kind, caring and happy environment which helps them develop the same skills in their journey through school. It is a positive place to be where resilience, perseverance and successes are celebrated, and every child feels valued and respected.


By successfully implementing our well-rounded curriculum our children will be able to develop the skills, expertise and understanding that enables them to become successful learners. The children demonstrate their positive attitudes to learning through high levels of curiosity, concentration and enjoyment. The positive relationships developed between our EYFS team and the children ensure that the children are confident and have positive self-esteem. They will be actively engaged in learning and their enjoyment will be evident to all. By the time the children reach year 1 we have motivated, confident and well rounded children who are able to express themselves effectively and have developed key life skills.


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