Redmarley C of E Primary Academy, Redmarley, Gloucestershire. GL19 3HS

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Redmarley Church Of England Primary School

Respect. Persevere. Achieve.


Worship at Redmarley C. of E. Primary Academy aims to reflect the essential features within the rich traditions of Anglican prayer and Worship, whilst developing the individual, in accordance with the school’s aims and values.

Pupils are given the opportunity to consider the Bible as a source of inspiration and learning. They are encouraged to reflect upon Christian Symbols and their use in worship; to observe the cycle of the Anglican year, to participate in the regularity and set order of Anglican Worship, to learn traditional responses and prayers, and to discover the value of silence and reflection within the context of Christian Worship.



To provide pupils with variety in their experience of worship, acts of worship may take the form of a whole school act of worship for all pupils or separate acts of worship for pupils in different age groups, classes or school groups.


We hold a daily act of Collective Worship in our school, as set out below.


Monday               1.25-1.45                Whole School Worship - Led by Miss Brewster

Tuesday               1.25-1.45               Whole school worship – led by Mrs Smith or Worship Leaders

Wednesday        1.25-1.45               Whole school worship – led by Mrs Brumfield or Miss Hilton

Thursday             1.25-1.45               Worship in Class - a time to reflect on our values.

Friday                    1.25-1.45              Celebration and awards – led by HT


At special times of the year, e.g. Easter, Christmas, Harvest Festival, or leaving day for Year 6, we invite parents and friends to join us in worship as this promotes the community spirit of the school and is a practical demonstration of the way that home and school work together to support the achievements of our children and uphold the schools values.

Children also attend Church services at other times under parental supervision – Meeting Point services, Mothering Sunday, Christingle, Christmas Celebrations and Carol Services.