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This year we are all very excited to embark on a new language - Latin.

For the first two years of our learning, the whole of KS2 will be learning from the Class 3 curriculum overview in order to gain a solid understanding of content and skills. 



We have chosen to provide our pupils with a language that will have the best long-term impact on learning. Latin is a language that has formed the basis of many modern languages including the English language we speak today. Having a strong understanding of where our language comes from will enable our pupils to make links with grammar and spelling therefore helping their reading and writing.  Enhancing children’s vocabulary and promoting a love of reading is an essential component to our curriculum at Redmarley, Latin allows children to have a deeper appreciation for the words in their books as it explores the origin of these and how their meanings have changed over time. Latin studies also provide children with a strong base for the next stage in their education and the future learning of more modern foreign languages.



  • Our Latin lessons are planned and tailored to build on pupils’ ability and prior knowledge.
  • We are using and adapting the Maximum Classics scheme, a Latin course for children that provides a cycle of lessons for each topic, which carefully plan for progression and depth.
  • We focus on key knowledge that children develop and progress with as they move through key stage 2. Our progression document can be found below.
  • There is a key focus on vocabulary, grammar and phonics that will allow pupils to manipulate the language for themselves. Links will be made back to our Latin studies during our spelling and English sessions.
  • Teaching of Latin is differentiated according to the needs of our learners. This will enable every child to access the content offered.



The result of our teaching is that children will leave Redmarley with a love of language. Pupils will be able to make connections from English to their Latin roots which will show a developed understanding of phonics, grammar and vocabulary. Children will be confident in the lifelong skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing Latin and will be able to apply these to the learning of other modern languages that they will come across later in their school life.