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Re-connection Curriculum


As we return to school this September, we recognise that our children may have experienced not only a loss of school based learning, but many mixed emotions during the last few months.

We have worked as a team to develop our re-connection curriculum to help the children to adjust back into school life, as well as to help them to make sense of their emotions, relationships and friendships, and the challenges they have had. This will help the children to reconnect to the whole school community.

Our whole-school theme for the first weeks of term will be Community. As we continue to plan using our book centred approach, we will use key texts in each class to explore different parts of what helps form a positive community:


  • Friendships, relationships and trust
  • Emotions
  • Challenges and resilience

We will plan for learning in all areas of the curriculum, with a focus on PSHE, as well as allowing time to recap core skills in Maths and English, and to rebuild our learning stamina. 

We acknowledge that a flexible approach may be necessary in order to help the children return to school, and teachers may alter planning accordingly to fit with the emotional and academic needs of their class. 

Please click here to see a detailed statement of our Re-connection curriculum approach.


Please see below for detailed curriculum outlines for each class. 

Re-connection Curriculum Plans

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 Reconnection Curriculum Plan Autumn 2020 EYFS Class 1.docxDownload
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